Monday, December 09, 2002

To Irene

You are the blooming bride
of my brightest sky.
- sparkling sunlight,
bringing morning to day
scent of hope - touch of glow.

You are the blooming bride
of the brightest spring.
- the sensitive lily,
raised high above the roses
planted in the quiet of my excisting being.

You are the blooming bride
of the highest mount.
- the gentle wind,
touching my chin
with a tender kiss
giving my world
a life within.

You are my blooming bride,
- set sail,
swaying my ground
to an endless round.
Silence - is what I've heard,
stronger than infinit pages of poetry,
- more harmful than the most hurtable linguistic lyrics.

I'm surrounded by the breath of silence.
Deep down, reading no signs of life.
Claming for a sentance, hoping for a word,
paralysed by the breath of silence.

The chorus fills my emptied heart,
with do's, re's and mi's.

Silenced by my hunger,
sung by my lust,
claimed upon the breath of silence.
I was destined here,
for a short period of time.
Laughing like a fool,
strung up like a flag.

During sunrise I felt my strength rise.
It drove me away,
in a blizzard of all
between heaven and earth.

Sometimes I'm awake,
sometimes I sleep.

No matter which, I'm deep in dreams
of tomorrow bringing yesterday to life.

What I've done - what I haven't,
isn't my doing.

I was destined here,
for a short period of time,
living life
- that wasn't even mine.
You are the glowing candle,
lighting up my darkest days.
By the stroke of your hand,
I'm lead through a world beyond reason
- a wonderous place.

You are the delicate handwork of heaven,
the streaming liquid of life.
Giving birth to my spoken briefs,
bringing sound to my deafen songs.

You are the delicate handwork of heaven,
knitted from a ribbon of gold.
Covering my heartbeat from hunger,
hide me away from the cold.

You are the glowing candle,
setting my soul to flames.
With your touch I'm everlasting,
with your smile you ease the pain.
My body is about to burst.
My inside organs are circling my stomach,
like the planets are circling the sun.
I'm on orbit.

Now I understand how people -
go crazy over this.
are willing to die for it.
are making it every day.

Now I understand why -
this takes place every day.
this is killing people.
this is making people crazy.

This moment, I'm embracing it.
I've landed in the circular middle
- under the influence of you.
I'm here alone, but still, you are here.

And words, bound letters
- they don't say everything,
this feeling is - but in a small word - love...
I sence I should walk away,
turn my face to another direction
turn my mind at another eclipse.

The love that was so strong,
is my clearest sight.
It's the one -
most difficult to forget.
most difficult to set free.

You - that are distant
You - that holds my heart.
Like the river - you ran by.
Like the wind - you brought hope.
Like a tear - you left a salty scribble,
through a dissected wound.

I lay down,
gently cover my world from reason.
I'm trapped in a bowl,
- filled with unspoken words.
I'm crawling up the sides, keep sliding down,
- need your scent to embrace me, to lift me up.
I'm bursting with tension,
- wanting to feel you by my side, around me.

You've touched my inner me.
I'm over the edge, as high as sky.
Still, you aren't here, I'm rock bottom.

By a glimpse I see you,
- the moon is full, filled with you.
I reach out - you withdraw.
It hurts - but it's good.

Could you be able, would you?
I can and will!

To you I'm a slave, a servant,
standing beside you,
known, embraced, kissed, loved.
To me,
- you are loved.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

seven is the sequel of time,
a reflecting line -
drawn to make a gap between past-present-future.
a sequel, is in sequence to the sequel
a circle.